Most of us have heard about green super foods like Spirulina. But have you heard about Euglena?

Euglena is a rare organism that combines both plant and animal cell characteristics to efficiently absorb nutrients. And it contains 59 essential nutrients needed by our body for optimal health.


Euglena belongs to the algae family, together with kelp and seaweed. It has been supporting life on earth since the pre-historic era. Rich in nutrients, Euglena has 14 vitamins like Vitamins C & D, 9 minerals like Iron & Calcium, 18 amino acids like Lysine & Alanine, 11 unsaturated fatty acids like DHA & EPA and 7 others like Chlorophyll & Paramylon (β-glucan).

As a plant-animal hybrid, Euglena is rich in nutrients commonly found in vegetables, such as folic acid and fiber, as well as nutrients in meat and fish, such as omega oils and vitamin B-1. It combines animal’s locomotive ability to change its cell shape as well as plant’s characteristics like growing with photosynthesis.

Euglena cells contain many nutrients, such as ß-1, 3-glucans, tocopherol, carotenoids, essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, and have recently attracted attention as a new health food. These products have antioxidant, antitumor, and cholesterol-lowering effects.


Euglena has various powerful benefits, ranging from health, cosmetics to sustainability.

As a food supplement, Euglena contains Paramylon (β-glucan) which helps remove undesirable substances like fats and cholesterol, enhances the immune system, and reduces the level of uric acid in the blood.

Euglena has no cell wall. Its cell is surrounded by a membrane mainly made of protein, resulting in its high nutritional value and efficient nutrient absorption to boost and restore cellular activity.

Euglena is recommended for regulating bowel movements, improving energy levels and supplementing those who have no time to prepare nutritious meals.

In cosmetics and beauty products, Euglena helps to make skin smoother, more elastic and radiant.

It increases the production of dermal fibroblasts, which provides additional defenses against ultraviolet light and helps keep skin looking youthful.

It also triggers the formation of collagen, an important element for resilient and anti-aging skincare.

In hair and scalp care products, Euglena helps to restore damaged hair and provide moisture and bounce to create healthy-looking hair.

In the environmental application, Euglena can grow by converting CO2 into biomass through photosynthesis, thus reducing CO2 emittance.

Euglena can be used to feed livestock and aquaculture due to its high protein and high nutrition content.

Euglena-based biofuels can soon replace fossil fuels to power aircrafts and automobiles, creating a sustainable ‘low carbon society’.

Post time: Apr-13-2023